An international genealogical research project with the goal of tracing the entire Tregurtha pedigree from its roots in Cornwall, to the many branches throughout the world today.  Encompassing research primarily in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, this project culminated with the launch of the website. This website not only showcases the research findings from around the globe, but acts as a community hub for living Tregurthas and a database that will continue to grow with each generation.


The project is being sponsored by Tony Tregurtha who is co-founder & CEO of  Tony was born in United Kingdom, raised in Sydney Australia and now resides in New York, NY USA.

The Tregurtha Project is extending upon work commenced by Tony’s late Grandmother, Helena Dutton, and has been supported by efforts from all over the world, with information being provided by Tregurtha descendants in New Zealand, South Africa, United States of America, and in Cornwall, England, where the Tregurtha name originated.

The genealogical research is being managed by Annalies Nutley, founder of Bygone Days Genealogy, a professional genealogical researche service specialising in research around the globe.  Annalies will have overall responsibility for co-ordinating research efforts across Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.  Aiding her in this research is Marg Meldrum, a professional genealogist from Canada,, and Eileen Sargeant from England,

With the efforts of all those involved we hope to one day connect the different branches of Tregurthas, and bring them together to form one large family tree.  Along the way we envisage that those who join in this project, whether as a contributor or as an interested individual, will connect with each other and discover new kinships that will form friendships accross the oceans.