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Born in the middle of the Second World War.  Father away in Scotland training in the Army. He was then posted to North Africa and completed his service in Italy.  I completed my education at Surbiton County Grammar School.  Then studied for my professional Personnel Management exams whilst working at Allan West & Co Ltd.  I married in 1966 and we had one son in 1971.  I became Industrial Relations Officer with Quaker Oats Ltd, then Personnel Manager briefly with Cape Universal Ltd and finally with Booths Distilleries Ltd.  My wife Maureen bought a small Knitting yarn and haberdashery store in Greenford and later I bought a second shop in the same trade.  We set up a small wholesale business in the same trade, but sold off the businesses after about 15 years.  Maureen became an estate agent and I worked as a Purchase Ledger Manager with HSS Hire Service Group until my retirement.  We moved to Devon upon retirement and I became a Church Warden for the village church shortly after we arrived.  Health then intervened and I resigned from the post but we take an active interest in village life here.

Our son is married with two sons.



Hi well I’m the baby in our family and as I search through the site I find my brother (David), thanks bro for telling me about this one!!!!  As you will read from my brothers story we grew up in a small village…the perfect life when I look back now. I currently stay in the Outer Hebrides after some difficult times with my own demons…after a long hard year things in my life look slightly better than last time.  I am currently travelling Thailand and enjoying it.  I feel as I write this I could not have done this without my family so thank u Tregurtha clan.



I am the daughter of Noye Primrose Tregurtha also known as Peter Tregurtha. Born 3/7/1925. Mother Roma (Quadrio) Tregurtha. Siblings: Jason Noye Tregurtha (deceased), Simon Marc Tregurtha.  All born in Melbourne. Half brothers: John Paul Tregurtha, Stephen Bruce Tregurtha (deceased) born Perth. Noye Primrose was the son of Cyril George Tregurtha and Janet Menzies (cousin to Sir Robert Menzies).  Cyril travelled from Rockhampton, prior to marriage.  I am custodian of a pair of binoculars belonging to Edward Primrose.  It is said that Edwards brother married a Busselton from the south west WA.  The Bussel’s figured predominantly in history in those parts.



My father is Paul Richard Tregurtha currently residing in Darien, CT. He was born in Bloomfield, New Jersey. I have three children – Cooper, Wyatt, Payton who were all born in Evanston, IL. We reside in Winnetka, IL.



I was born in Ireland to a Cornish father and an Irish mother. My father Edward Thomas Tregurtha was attached to an army camp housing Italian Prisoners of war in the grounds of a house in Markethill, N Ireland where my mother lived. They met and married quite quickly but were very happy together until my father’s death in 1969. We lived in Ireland until 1958 when we moved to Yorkshire as a result of Dad’s promotion with his job. He was working for Beecham Foods and he continued with them until his death. In 1964 we moved to Southport, Lancashire, again because Dad was promoted.