Caroline Tregurtha

Tattooed on her ribs just above her heart is the phrase ‘La musique est ma vie’, which means ‘Music is my life’ in French. “I wanted to pledge myself to do everything I could to make my career work and I wanted the words as close to my heart as possible. It was and is a promise to myself that I will never give up.”

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, as Caroline Tregurtha, the now 20 year old always had her sights set on the entertainment industry. “My grandmother said from the day I could crawl that I was going to be an actress and that I was destined for ‘the big time’. She never doubted that for a second.”

As a child Cazz would constantly put on shows involving acting and singing for anyone who would watch and would drag her cousins, step sister and step brothers along to perform with her whether they liked it or not.

​At 15, Cazz successfully enrolled in a music academy called The Institute of Music Excellence (T.I.M.E) in Centurion. For the next 3 years she had to juggle high-school and the very demanding yet exciting music academy, but never once did she dream of quitting for the easier school days. “The philosophy at T.I.M.E was to push you to your limits as an artist and prepare you for the industry. It forced you to become confident and be able to perform on the spot. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Sheldon Rocha Leal who headed up the academy. He made me realize that I had the determination and talent to be successful.”

She is proud to be South Africa’s first representative for the UK brand Electric Tees who sponsor big artists over seas. In 2012 Cazz’s acting career kicked off and she was cast as Sky, the lead role, in an up and coming T.V. series called Order that will debut in late 2013. She was signed to Gaenor Artiste Management in early 2013 and is currently studying drama at the Wits University.

​She says that it’s important for her to make it not only because of her passion for the entertainment industry but so that she has a platform to help those in need in South Africa and around the world by giving back to her community.

​“I don’t just want it… I need it. It’s why I’m here.”

Cazz Tregurtha recording first demo vocals @Good Noise Studios JHB

Cazz Tregurtha recording first demo vocals @Good Noise Studios JHB

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