The Tregurtha Locket

A short time ago we received a most interesting email.  It was from an Ebay seller in the USA who said the following:

“I am an ebay seller in the USA and have purchased from auction in the UK a locket I believe contains Tregurtha family members.  While looking for the purity hallmarks I uncovered handwritten information behind the photos which reads:  These are my great-great-grandparents – surname Tregurtha E.P.T.H 1952 after whom I was named Elizabeth Primrose Tregurtha Hancock”

Of course we were so excited to see these pictures of the locket, and Tony quickly purchased it for fear it might go to someone who was unaware of the ancestral and sentimental value.

Thoughts turned now to the history of the locket, and how it came to be in the possession of Elizabeth Primrose Tregurtha Hancock – and most importantly – who was Elizabeth Primrose Tregurtha Hancock?  What connection did she have to the Tregurtha family?  Who were her great great grandparents pictured inside the locket?

After some research we uncovered that to our astonishment, the couple in the pictures were none other than Captain Edward Primrose Tregurtha (1769-1839) and wife Mary Burgess (1774-1855).  Through their youngest daughter, Anna Ellen Tregurtha, born in 1817 in the village of Paul, Cornwall, the locket had been handed down and had come into the hands of Elizabeth Primrose Tregurtha Hancock.

What an amazing piece of Tregurtha Memorabilia for founder Tony Tregurtha to have acquired.