Email address availability

The website can offer free personalized domain names for any Tregurtha wishing to personalize their email address with their surname.

For example, if your name is Drew Tregurtha
your email can be

Tregurtha domain names available include:

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Obtaining a login

Access to the website is easy;  we only ask that you meet one of the following prerequisites:

  1. Your surname was Tregurtha at birth,
  2. You obtained the Tregurtha surname through marriage; or
  3. One of your parents carries the Tregurtha name.

Please select the ‘Register’ button below or select ‘Login’ option from the main menu and select the option to ‘Register’. Once you have completed the registration details, the project’s genealogical researcher Annalies Nutley ( will verify the authenticity of your registration and issue you a Login & Password.

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